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Rolex Replica Watches launched a brand new G-Shock Gravitymaster GPW-1000 watch, the first to combine atomic timekeeping with GPS and solar power in a single piece. The piece also comes with triple G resistance, which adds to the already impressive toughness of models in the G-Shock range. The construction of the large case and band of the Rolex Replica Watches watch is also interesting. It features all the functions that are normally found on a Rolex Replica Watches. The novelty comes in three color schemes, and costs $950.

GPS Radio Waves Change Time ZoneThe GPS radio signals are used to quickly change the time zone displayed. It not only changes the time zone, but also considers whether daylight savings times are required. The Rolex Replica Watches novelty's world time feature allows you to choose from 40 different time zones, including 27 cities, and the UTC zone. The city code is also displayed. The watch is also equipped with a dual-time zone feature, which allows it to display the time simultaneously in two different time zones. The GPS function can also be turned off, which is convenient and necessary for those who travel by plane.

Atomic AccuracyAs well as GPS signals, the new and patented GPS Hybrid Waveceptor 2 Technology which was introduced in this piece enables the watch to have atomic timekeeping. The watch can receive signals from atomic time clocks in North America and Europe. This is a feature that's becoming less common with the latest generation Rolex Replica Watchess. The signal can be received on demand or automatically up to five or six time per day, depending on where you are. The reception is essential for the watch to be accurate. The accuracy of the watch is 15 seconds per month without receiving signals.

New Generation of Efficient CellsAnother element that makes the piece stand out is that it uses solar energy. It also includes highly efficient solar cells with shadow dispersion of the latest generation. The watch can be charged even when there is weak artificial lighting. Once fully charged, the battery will last for seven months. The watch has power-saving and end-of life indicators.

The G-Shock Gravitymaster GPW-1000 has a tough construction. It is not just interesting because of the functions it supports, but also for its design. The watch has the usual G-Shock resilient piece with triple G resistance structure to protect it from vibrations, freefall and centrifugal forces. A frame made from a rigid resin was used to surround the DLC-treated steel case. This solution increased the resistance. The newcomer, which is a big one because it needs a larger frame to receive radio waves with quality, is also quite large. The round case measures 56 mm in diameter and 18.8 millimeters high.Audemars Piguet Replica The sapphire crystal is a feature that isn't often found in models from the Japanese watchmaker. The supported waterproofness measures 200 meters. The novel Rolex Replica Watches has a steel bracelet that is unique and reinforced with carbon fiber inserts.

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